Case Study — EventBidz

The event planning app.

We helped event planning startup EventBidz create a new vendor network with a unique process for organizing and creating events. The online tool helps average people plan parties like the pros.
  • Product + Digital Strategy.
  • Branding + Communications.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Responsive Web Design.

Product Strategy.

EventBidz needed to take a very complicated real-world process—finding and booking different types of event service vendors—and simplify it so average Joes and Janes could plan and book professional-quality parties online in just a few easy steps. The app hinged on having an easy-to-use process for the user to plan an event.

We knew we needed to streamline the development process, improve scalability and reusability of the data structure, and provide the most straightforward and intuitive user experience. We decided to focus on the web app’s main feature: a "wizard" widget, eventually dubbed the Event Genius, for designing the perfect event.

Brand + User Experience.

We started by creating a new logo and brand assets, including an expanded color palette, that reflected professionalism and trustworthiness while remaining fun and vibrant.

Tried and true design patterns increase usability and, because users don’t need to be taught how to use them, help the user move through a process or task much faster. We created a series of simple buttons and field elements paired with friendly, plain-language instructions. Sparing use of color helps to focus the user's attention, guiding them through the task. Simple functions placed in expected locations can make the difference between a user finding what they need or giving up and abandoning the site.

App + Responsive Design.

Throughout the project, we kept in mind that that when creating a new network with a unique process, it’s important to understand and remove as many barriers as possible that stand in the way of adoption and growth. To do this, we also needed to create a straightforward and intuitive user experience to enable more users to follow through and achieve their goal of creating an event and booking vendors.

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