• We help clients identify new and novel ways technology can create or enhance digital products and services, measuring performance and results throughout.

    From websites to mobile apps to interactive kiosks, we excel at delivering groundbreaking, intuitive user experiences. Average doesn’t exist here, so expect the extraordinary.

    We work collaboratively with clients to launch high-performance, responsive websites capable of delivering measureable results, amazing experiences, and a platform that grows with the organization.

    With among the most experienced designers and developers in the industry, we have been creating web-based apps and mobile and emerging platform solutions for over 15 years.

    We help clients transform their brands to bring value to people and form meaningful relationships with the digital products and services they love.

    We help brands understand what audiences care about most and create original content and marketing strategies to measurably deliver on business and marketing objectives.

    Our process is clear and manages even the unexpected...

    Managing and communicating successful creative work requires rules. At the same time, processes which are too rigid don’t allow the flexibility needed to handle normal feedback and unexpected challenges. Our own process is made up of a mixture of typical methodologies in which agencies and development shops work.

    Define + Plan
    Define + Plan

    ...and we operate as a cohesive team with one goal.

    Lean and agile methodologies have significant benefits with teams of similar expertise and skill levels. Oftentimes, unexpected challenges arise during the collaborative process when multi-disciplinary teams have experience gaps when breaking outside of a siloed department structure.


    Digital products and campaigns rely on user experience. User experience relies on empathy. So often, UX, design, and programming are siloed and halt at any challenge. Our team works together during every phase, Scrum, waterfall, or otherwise ensuring we develop practical and creative solutions.


    We work hard to launch a perfect product. Naturally, we’re pretty critical about every data point, detail, and change. The most difficult thing to do throughout the creative process is to deliver criticism constructively. Everyone has an opinion, so we listen, talk, and apologize a lot.


    So much of creativity is the process of idea generation. Regardless of whether idea or exeuction is more important, we have it in spades. Sometimes great ideas die, and it’s important to let it go. After dealing with the loss, we get back in the saddle and generate more great ideas to take their place.


    One of our advantages as digital creatives is our constant investment in new technologies, techniques, and trends. We’re always testing our work, studying the results, and researching audience behaviors and attitudes. We know what works and what boundaries we can push. We put quality first.

  • Enbroaden is a digital creative agency. We’ve been delivering amazing digital products, websites, designs, and campaigns for 15 years.

    We started life as a small studio at the tail end of the dot-bombs eager to provide agency-level services at studio prices. As we grew and we added more strategic consulting services, we changed our name from Rapture Studio to Enbroaden.

    We’re thinkers and makers. We believe every challenge can be solved through a focused, interdisciplinary approach. We’ve assembled an amazing team of strategists, designers, programmers, and writers to create results-driven solutions. We collaborate, communicate, and empathize with each other to ensure every digital product makes sense, can be practically created or managed, and challenges the status quo. We don’t do average... ever.

    We hold fast to our ideals and integrity.

    We’ve worked hard to build and nurture a culture and environment allowing us to express our ideals into our work and our treatment of one another. In building an agency our people love and respect, we breathe life into everything we make. We don’t just do what we love, we do work we’re proud of.

    Experiences teach us.

    Resourcefulness and creativity come naturally for us. But it’s our knowledge, intuition, and experience that gives us strength. Every success and every failure teaches us something. With our deep understanding of the digital world and our ability to learn, we create the extraordinary.

    Relationships inspire us.

    Ideas may start as individual sparks, but creative execution comes from the wisdom only found through collaboration. The relationships we form and the people we let in help us better understand choices and behavior. We remain inspired by the human beings who interact with the products we create.

    Beliefs guide us.

    We believe digital has the power to improve the work and quality of life for people all over the world. We question everything, even past assumptions and solutions. And we hold onto a little naivety; we mean what we say and say what we mean. We work with people and projects we can be proud of.

    Actions define us.

    While mistakes happen, we’re defined by the choices we make. We’ve never once been ashamed of the actions we’ve taken as an agency. We take our lumps when we need to, we fix what we break. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but at least we can hold our heads high every time.

    Read Our Ethos
    Authenticity and reputation are everything. We dedicate ourselves to protect our clients’ interests as well as our reputation.

    We’re inspired by how major consulting firms like McKinsey manage client relationships and execute studies with partners at the helm. We’ve always operated the same way. Every engagement is managed by a seasoned partner, and yes, we are working partners deep in the trenches with our team.

    Alan Baker

    Alan grew up with a fondness for all things mechanical or computerized. That love grew when he’d fix circuit boards on video games as a kid. Enboldened, he took apart his mom’s car in high school to see if he could put it back together and later plugged in his laptop and hacked the car’s onboard computer.

    Having gained experience working at McKinsey & Company after college, with his partner Beth, Alan went on to co-found Rapture Studio—now Enbroaden. Since then, he also co-founded a digital publishing startup and keeps up-to-date on new design and technologies, running our internal product development.

    Beth Kuchar

    Beth fell in love with the world of programming and computer design when she got her first computer: a Commodore 64 with Commodore 1670 modem peripheral. She's spent almost 20 years designing and developing for the web. In addition to co-founding Enbroaden with Alan Baker, the pair also co-founded publishing startup Netminds.

    As a passionate fan of all things sci-fi and space-related, she is dedicated to keeping up with the lastest technology and design trends. Beth also spends her free time serving as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for Innovate Pasadena, has served two terms on the Board of Directors for South Lake Business Association, and received recogntition by the California 41st Assembly District as a 2016 Woman of Distinction Nominee.

    We hold fast to our ideals and integrity.

    We’ve worked hard to build and nurture a culture and environment allowing us to express our ideals into our work and our treatment of one another. In building an agency our people love and respect, we breathe life into everything we make. We don’t just do what we love, we do work we’re proud of. We happy to support some amazing organizations that share the same philosophy.

    Innovate Pasadena

    Innovate Pasadena is strengthening Pasadena’s reach as the technology, science, arts, and innovation center in the Los Angeles area, connecting entrepreneurs, residents, and businesses to new opportunities.


    STEAM:CODERS offers programs and access to new learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math for underrepresented and underserved students of color, opening new academic and career possibilities.

    Girl Develop It

    Girl Develop It teaches women web and software development skills from trained professionals in a comfortable and confidence-building environment, empowering thousands of women to pursue careers in technology.

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