Case Study — Gateway to LA

An app to connect + unite.

We worked with the Gateway to LA business improvement district to envision a new app that would connect Los Angeles visitors with local area hotels, transportation, and district destinations while uniting the overall district by promoting local anchor businesses.
  • Product Strategy.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Mobile Prototype Design.

UX + App Concepting.

As a business improvement district, Gateway to LA funds programs that help area businesses stay visible and competitive. The Board of Directors wanted to explore how an app could be used by the property-based business improvement district as a way to efficiently manage traffic and transportation in and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and strengthen the surrounding economy.

We conceptualized the LAX Connect app prototype to include five core features—GPS-enabled LAX transportation maps, localized alerts, local business directory, retail deals, and user profiles—that would connect visitors with local hotels, transportation, and district destinations.

Mobile Prototype Design.

After identifying and outlining the features roadmap, we turned our focus toward foundational design elements and the final user experience flow. Because the adjoining region to LAX heavily supports transportation and travel industries, efficient management of visitors and resident travelers were our key audience consideration.

Taking into account available APIs and custom toolsets, our prototypes factored in a variety of methods to track, log, and notify transportation providers via GPS. Using accessible design principles—universally identifiable icons, high-contrast colors, and large tap zones—we prototyped every screen and transition, documenting and mapping every interaction point.

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