Case Study — International Creative Registry

Protecting the IP of creativity.

We worked with Los Angeles startup International Creativity Registry to design a new web app to protect the creative intellectual property of creative individuals and companies by encrypting and timestamping all types of works, proving a legal chain of evidence.
  • Product + Digital Strategy.
  • Branding + Communications.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Responsive Web Development.

Product + UX Strategy.

According to research, the majority of creative professionals are not aware of the myriad of legal matters relating to copyright and intellectual property. Developing a web service to protect creative professionals relies on developing an incredibly easy-to-understand system while still collecting the information required to verify ownership of IP, all at an affordable price.

Our work began with identifying the optimum user experience and specifying additional features that would deliver more value to customers.

Digital Brand + Content.

Despite not sharing the same taste, creative audiences value thoughtful design and are sensitive to a perceived value in design demonstrated by a brand. To maximize appeal, we needed to communicate that creativity, not technology is center stage—we prioritize awareness of intellectual property issues above overcomplicating ICR’s already superior encryption technology.

Our brand fhighlighted a thoughtfulness toward the complexity in the creative process and emphasized knowledge sharing over complication. Because the creative audience is not as legally savvy as other business audiences, our brand and content goals focused on the importance of protecting creativity and how ICR’s technology enabled that.

Responsive Web Development.

For creative audiences, good design and user experience is not subconscious and respecting their knowledge in the field is important. Legal is complicated, but great design is simple, and a system like ICR must balance this carefully, as well as balancing the reality that design styles are subjective.

We wanted to blend a wide variety of styles of art styles together to bring unity to a diverse community. To connect it all, we focused on bold, simple layouts and clear, uncluttered user interfaces. We used modern, multi-stage forms to emphasize ease of use and design across devices.

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