Case Study — Materia

A new digital experience.

We helped Pasadena-based Materia—one of today’s most innovative specialty chemical and materials science companies—revamp their entire web presence and expand into new marketing and digital experiences to better respond to their growing customer and industry base.
  • Product + Digital Strategy.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • Branding + Communications.
  • Social + Content.

UX + Digital Strategy.

With their heavy focus on product development and creating a wide variety of advanced, market-superior polymers, our mission was to completely rethink Materia’s digital strategy to meet their growing needs and expanded product offerings. We worked to understand their product development process, literally down to the molecular formula, their customer needs, and the formulation requirements across industries and supply chain specifics.

Understanding the entire customer experience and digital offerings from market leaders, we created a comprehensive digital strategy, user experience design, and digital roadmap to grow with the company.

Digital Brand Assets.

When managing any major digital initiative, it’s important to think in terms of modularity and component design. Mixing and matching, based on the nuances of customers and unique industry dynamics, is important to streamline workflow, ensure consistency of design and communication, and ultimately control costs.

Drawing inspiration from the chemistry and catalysts behind Materia’s work, we focused on abstract colors, interchangeable photography and line art styles, and branded iconography to give the brand and products a visual language. A new brand narrative was crafted and an entire body of content was written to better communicate the leading scientific expertise and value behind Materia and their products.

Responsive Web Development.

The user experience work—from user data analysis, to research, to information architecture, to interactive wireframe development—gave us and Materia a collaborative framework to design the product they wanted with the means to measure performance against their business goals.

We designed and developed a new website, significantly increasing the volume of content and pages based on the needs of their customers. We implemented a new, user-friendly CMS to help manage all new content, including "science stories" we wrote as part of a new content marketing plan to expand Materia’s audience through shareable, inspiring content.

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