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Experience social shopping.

We helped destination shopping startup ViewTry create an engaging, social experience for shoppers to virtually try on products and a custom advertising platform for verified merchant advertisers to reach engaged and targeted shoppers.
  • Product + Digital Strategy.
  • Branding + Communications.
  • User Experience Design.
  • Social + Content.

Product + UX Strategy.

Due to the fast paced nature and competition of fashion and e-commerce, ViewTry's vision for a new social media and shopping experience needed to be engaging, fun, and shareable—all while showcasing popular products and high-quality product photography. We were tasked with reimagining their existing user experience and develop a new product strategy that would effectively convert shoppers, advertisers, and freelance artists.

We approached shoppers as the primary user group and focused on fun, value-added features—shareable digital closets and wishlists to track favorites and webcam-based virtual try-on environment with shareable photos. To enable easy purchasing, each product page was created with exclusive advertising options for verified retailers of each listed product. Retailers would supply product photographs and the built-in artist network would edit the photos suitable for virtual try-ons.

We wrote functional specifications for ViewTry’s development team to create a fully automated system connecting all users in a custom administrative backend. To measure performance against the objectives of the business, we conceptualized customized tracking and analytics to give the company all the information it needed about everything from shares to virtual try-ons to click-throughs to artist earnings and performance.

User Interface + Web Design.

The user interface and website was designed be bold with a core set of bold trendy colors to focus on high-quality product photography. With the variety of activities for users to do, we carefully designed every element and interaction to focus on core functionality, whether buying, sharing, or snapping virtual try-on photos.

For users to manage their try-ons, closets, and profiles, we designed a custom dashboard to help them track everything they love and who they share it with. We found creative ways to highlight what users would find useful and still adhere to the desired business outcomes. For merchants and artists, we designed a separate admin interface to allow them to more simply and quickly review all their performance and reporting needs.

Brand + Marketing.

Verified merchants are a critical component to the ViewTry experience—they supply the products for shoppers to virtually try on and buy the products they love. For merchants and shoppers, completing transactions are especially important and to deliver value to customers, trust in the advertiser is paramount.

To reach high-quality merchant advertisers, we designed a full suite of branded marketing materials, consistent with the visual identity and voice we created for the user interface and website. We chose simple language to highlight the benefits and ease-of-use of the system and repeated our bold design to ensure the materials were visually striking.

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