Creating opportunity in today’s technology landscape requires equal parts creativity, risk, and strategy. Consumers are largely digital and mobile—keeping them engaged means businesses have to develop entirely new and useful digital experiences in order to unlock growth opportunities. The rate at which consumers have grown accustomed to innovation shows how quickly adoption and abandonment can occur with subpar technology.

Enbroaden helps clients identify new and novel ways technology can create or enhance digital products and services, measuring performance and results throughout. We closely follow how and why technology has altered consumer behavior, and work tirelessly to track and forecast digital trends and where users can extract value.

We are digital customer-centric—we take a lean and strategic approach to develop, test, and iterate only the most useful products and services. We balance our deep business and technology experience, intuition, and knowledge, so the connection you make with your digital customers feels entirely human.

Digital Customer Experience.

Customers interact with brands, from physical to virtual touchpoints, as one single experience. Technology enables us to share information, increase loyalty and advocacy, and better engage today’s digital customers across business units, even unlocking pathways to new and enhanced digital products and services.

  • Customer Experience Audits.
  • Qualitative + Quantitative Research.
  • Digital Customer Jouney Maps.
  • CX Measurement + Analytics.
  • Customer Interactions + Touchpoints.
  • Customer Segmentation + Behaviors.
  • Competitor Research + Market Insights.

Product Innovation + Growth.

Growth loves innovation and innovation embodies creativity. We track and predict technology and behavioral trends to identify growth opportunities that can be practically built and measured. We identify and plan new technologies and digital experiences customers will find useful and delightful.

  • Digital Strategy.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Service Design.
  • Growth Strategies.
  • Product + Service Digitization.
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