User experience design powers today’s most successful websites and apps. Digital user experience has completely changed how we all interact with brands. Consumers have a need, and your business has objectives—the right user experience strategy aligns the two. It isn’t enough to make digital pretty; we believe that in order to drive growth, user experience strategy must meet customer expectations and anticipate the decisions they make.

For over 15 years, Enbroaden has been at the forefront of user experience design, and has made major advancements in online user experiences. We have among the most experienced UX designers in the industry with a track record of successfully crafting engaging design and both predicting and creating usability trends.

Through our strategic insights, knowledge of user behavior, creative intuition, and technology expertise, we create truly user-centric and innovative experiences to deliver measureable results to our clients. Our design-driven user experience solutions are geared to humanize the digital.

Usability + User Research.

Consumer behavior is heavily influenced by individual expectations and perceptions, industry nuances, and other market insights. The right user experience strategy comes from understanding who your users are, what they want, how they really use digital, and how to measure that against your business objectives.

  • Usability Audits.
  • User Behavior Research.
  • User Scenarios + Journey Maps.
  • Usability Testing + Analytics.
  • Audience Discovery.
  • User Personas + Segmentation.
  • Industry + Competitor Research.

Information Architecture.

From large content libraries to small, fast and easy navigation of information is the linchpin to successful digital products and services. The magic of information architecture lies in finding the right access pattern of knowledge for people without sacrificing logical storage and retrieval for computer systems.

  • Information Architecture.
  • Metadata Schemas.
  • Content Strategy.
  • Categorization + Taxonomies.
  • Search + Keyword Analysis.
  • Copywriting + Content Development.

Interaction + Visual Design.

Digital products and initiatives depend on intuitive usability, brand consistency, and engaging design to attract and retain customers. Great design understands what users don’t want to see and makes people feel connected, empowered, and excited to engage with brands.

  • Wireframes + Storyboards.
  • User Interface Design.
  • Mobile + App Design.
  • Photography.
  • Interaction Design.
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • Iconography + Illustration.
  • Data Visualizations.

Prototypes + Engineering.

From rapid prototyping and iterative digital product releases to engineering full-featured software solutions, we have extensive technology and programming expertise. Our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively with our clients to deliver reliable technology solutions that push the power of possible.

  • Static + Interactive Prototypes.
  • Web Development.
  • Content Management + E-Commerce.
  • Analytics + API Integration.
  • Digital Product Design.
  • Mobile + App Development.
  • Intranets.
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